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    Facebookin' in the ActivClassroom?

    From the start, please know the idea(s) in this blog are almost in their entirety taken from another blog post on The title of this blog is Historical Facebook- Facebook for dead people by Richard Byrne. I read this the other day...
  • Planet Blog

    What Can I Do with an iPad in an ActivClassroom? (Part 1)


    Lisa Dubernard investigates how she might integrate an iPad in an ActivClassroom. In this article, Lisa focuses on whether the tablet device has potential as a wireless slate and shares her experiences trying out applications she discovered at the International Society for Technology in Education conference (ISTE 2011).

  • Planet Blog

    Letter from the Editor – October

    As an online community, Promethean Planet is all about sharing, be it the sharing of resources or the exchanging of knowledge. We're always encouraging members to share in the community by commenting on blogs, posting in the forums or engaging with...
  • Planet Blog

    The ActivArena Demo Pack Comes To Town

    The ActivArena Demo Pack comprises a set of 'product demonstrator' activities designed specifically for two users working simultaneously on ActivArena , the Dual Pen enabled Promethean Activboard. Initially designed to run on Windows platforms...
  • Planet Blog

    Have some Phun! Use your Activpen to bring physics to life

    You may have seen a theme in my recent posts around 'model rockets'. This is proving to be a fantastic topic for a group of students I am working with, covering whole swathes of Maths and Science as well as Technology. One software tool that has...
  • Planet Blog

    QR Codes in the Classroom: Cool Idea or Not?


    A QR code is a special bar code that can store information such as website URLs or plain text. It can be read with mobile devices that have a camera and a QR code reader, such as most smartphones and some tablets. In her latest article for the Planet blog, Lisa Dubernard investigates if and how QR codes can be used in the classroom.

  • Planet Blog

    Creativity in Teaching: Ideas for Comic Strips (Part 1)

    So, I've been creating my own cartoon scenes lately. I've made them because sometimes I need to make a custom image to illustrate a specific idea when I'm writing about a topic. During this process, I've found some simple tools that I've...
  • Planet Blog

    Classroom Management Apps—Don’t Start Class without Them!


    Classroom technology can provide invaluable resources to aid teachers in classroom management. Planet Super User, Tabitha Savage, shares three apps that have improved the daily functions of her classroom. Best of all, they're all FREE!

  • Planet Blog

    Venn Diagrams – Fun Activities for the Maths Classroom

    To learn more about the Planet Teachers' Lounge, please click here . Venn diagrams are a great way of visually comparing two or more characteristics or ideas. I remember being taught them in a rather stuffy, formal way that involved categorising numbers...
  • Planet Blog

    Enhancing Your Flipcharts With Text Effects

    This article provides you with a program for creating eye catching logos and titles which are formed automatically from groups of text objects in ActivInspire. The ‘Text Effects’ program will allow you to apply combinations of effects to standard...
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